Sports Physicals
Soccer, football, cross country, wrestling or swimming? So many different school sports that all have one thing in common: the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) provides a medical form that every student planning to participate in a school sport must submit before being allowed to play. You can count on Total Family Healthcare to provide your aspiring athlete with a sports physical.

As much as we want youth and teens to benefit from physical activity, we also want them to be safe. The sports physical provides a safeguard for your child’s well-being. A parent or guardian must sign the form for any student-athlete under 18 years of age and a qualified health provider must sign it.

The MHSAA form has two parts—a medical history and a physical examination. The purpose is to assess the student’s health to ensure he or she is able to participate in specific sports. The form is only helpful if the medical history is comprehensive and accurate and the physical exam is more than a cursory glance.

Any form that was completed on or after April 15 of the previous school year is considered current. It is generally recommended to get sports physicals at least six weeks prior to the sports season so any medical issues can be resolved ahead of time.

Play Ball!
You care about the well-being of your student athlete, and your child cares about playing a sport. Sports can play an important role in your child’s physical, emotional and social well-being. Sports can teach teamwork, but sports can also lead to serious injury.

At Total Family Healthcare, we care about your student athlete’s well-being, too. We will provide a sports physical to clear your child only for appropriate sports. If your child should receive a sports injury, we will stay with you through treatment and recovery. Call us to schedule your student’s physical so you’re all set to cheer them on.

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