Small Procedures

Total Family Healthcare offices are equipped to meet the routine needs that most families face. For those smaller health issues that don’t require a referral to a specialist or the need for hospitalization, count on us to take care of you. For most small procedures, you’ll be in and out of the office in no time.

Not every health issue is a crisis. Even so, small things can irritate or annoy you. No procedure is too small for us to take care of. You don’t need to put up with life’s little challenges when there is a procedure that will address the issue. You don’t need to live with cysts, warts or a nail fungus when simple, small procedures will take care of it. Call our office and schedule an appointment today. Life is too short to let the little things weigh you down.

These are some of the procedures we can perform in our offices:

  • Sebaceous Cyst Removal: When a sebaceous gland or duct becomes damaged or clogged, a small cyst can form. These cysts are usually non-harmful, but they can become irritated or tender. Because they tend to be found on the face, neck, and scalp, they are often removed for cosmetic reasons.
  • Cryo-Surgery: Warts can be removed quickly and easily with liquid nitrogen. This procedure has little risk of infection and minimal wound care. There is no incision, so you have no need to return to the office to remove stitches. Simple as that.
  • Toenail Removal: When anti-fungal medications have failed to clear up a severe nail fungus, the nail may need to be removed. Surgical removal is generally only done when the whole nail is infected or has become painful.
  • Small Biopsies: A biopsy is the removal of tissue or cells from a part of your body to send to a laboratory for further analysis. We help you to remain calm –  not all biopsies mean you are facing a diagnosis of cancer and most biopsies are pain-free.
  • GYN: Yearly pap screenings and consults.
  • Knee & Joint. If you suffer from osteoarthritis (OA) and the usual treatments for pain haven’t worked, you might be a candidate for a hyaluronic acid injection. This substance helps replace the synovial fluid, which acts as a shock absorber but has broken down in your knee. We also perform Synvisc injections. Contact your provider to find out what is best for you.

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