Employment Physicals

Start with the Basics
After you have been offered a new job, you might be required to pass a physical. The specific requirements for employment physicals depend upon the employer and the type of job you will be performing. You can expect that much of your employment physical will resemble an annual physical.

Your new employer will likely ask for your medical history and general health condition. Your vital signs will be checked: blood pressure, pulse, weight, and temperature. Your reflexes and range of motion could also be important for your ability to perform a job.

Lab tests are also commonly requested in employment physicals. You might need to have blood drawn. Blood panels and cholesterol, for example, provide indications of your overall health.

Beyond the Basics
Additional components to the physical exam should be directly related to the job. Two common components include drug and alcohol tests and mental health screening.

Drug and Alcohol Tests. You might be required to take a urine or other drug screening test. You could also be asked about medications or supplements you take. Many of these cause drowsiness – a risky side effect for those operating dangerous equipment.

Mental Health. Some jobs are highly stressful, so your employer could ask for psychological tests or include questions related to depression and mood as part of your overall health history.

Physical Ability Tests. Some jobs require you to be able to lift a specific amount of weight. Employment physicals for jobs in the manual or physical labor sector routinely ask for tests that check for stamina, strength, or endurance.

Total Family Healthcare can provide your new employer with the health information they need. Perhaps more importantly, we can provide you with the information you need to ensure that you are physically able to perform the duties of your new job.

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